Tronxy X5SA-500 Pro Large 3D Printer DIY Kit 500x500x600mm

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Large 3d printer Tronxy X5SA-500 Pro High-Precision DIY 3D Printer FDM Guide Rail Ultra-quiet Auto Leveling Impressora Intelligent memory Power failure resume printing

About this large 3d printer:

【Titan extruder】
【TMC ultra quiet driver】
【Filament detection】
【Z axis dual lead screw drive】
【Filament run-out detection】
【Double Limited Switch】

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Product Details
  • Intelligent memory, power failure resume printing.
  • Filament detection, automatically stop printing and emit a warning sound when filament is broken.
  • Titan extruder.
  • Z axis dual lead screw drive. Synchronous operation is more stable, printing effect is better.
  • Three cooling fan design, more outstanding in the temperature control and heat dissipation.

CoreXY Printer Structure

CoreXY structure is stable and reliable, can achieve high-precision printing

Using TITAN Extruder

Which is adapted to a variety of filaments, such as PLA / ABS / PETG / WOOD / TPU Flexible.

Filament Run Out Detection
Timely remind users to replace filaments to prevent accidents.

Resume print after power off
  • Resume printing after power outage or any other unexpected stoppage.
  • X5SA-500 PRO has the ability to resume printing even after a power outage or lapse occurs.

  • Upgrade to TR black Auto Leveling Sensor + Lattice glass plate
    16 points data collection, ensure hot bed leveling, at the same time, the height deviation of the hot bed is automatically compensated during printing, improve printing accuracy.

    3.5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen
  • New experience, HD display. The interface is simple and easy to understand, making it easier during use.
  • On screen 3D model previews using the Tronxy slicer to generate g-code.

  • Upgrad to Ultra Silent Motherboard
    Effectively reduce the noise generated in the printing process, making the printing process more comfortable.

    Double Limited Switch Z-axis
    Double limit synchronous left and right balance, no need to recalibrate the platform, just level it once.

    Extrusion Head Nozzle
    Featured brass nozzles, the temperature can reach up to 260℃, compatible with various common consumables on the market, heat evenly, improve printing efficiency.

    Double Z-axis Motor
    Equipped with dual Z-axis motors, bearing greater weight, The hot bed runs more stable.

    High Quality Power Supply
    Using 360W high-quality power supply, safe, reliable and stable. Passed CE safety certification.


    Machine Size 760mm*830mm*920mm
    Printing Size 500mm*500mm*600mm
    Package Dimensions 890mm*600mm*210mm
    Machine Weight 27kg
    Pakage Weight 29kg
    Printing Speed 20-100mm/S , 60mm/S Is Preferred
    Printing Thickness 0.1-0.3mm (Optional)
    Positioning Accuracy X/Y: S0.00625mm
    Z: S0.00125mm
    Nozzle 0.4mm Default (Support 0.1-1.2mm)
    Connection USB Interface, TF Card
    Thickness 0.1mm-0.3mm (Optional)
    Nozzle Temperature: ≤275°C

    Hotbed Temperature: Support, ≤100°C Support ≤100°C
    Filament Support PLA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, WOOD, PC, PVC
    Machine Material Aluminum Profile, Sheet Metal
    Screen 3.5 Inch Full Color Touch Screen
    Power Supply Input 110V/220V AC, 50/60hz, Output 24V 21A
    Environmental Temperature 8-40°C
    Environmental Humidity 20-80%
    Operation System WINXP/WIN7/MacOS
    Slicing Software Tronxy Slicer Software
    Operation Software Repetier-Host, Cura
    Files Format G-CODE, STL, OBJ
    Certification CE FCC