Tronxy Moore 2 Pro Ceramic & Clay 3d printer 255mm*255mm*260mm with Feeding System Electric Putter

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Tronxy Ceramic & Clay 3D Printer

About this Moore 2 PRO clay ceramic 3d printer:

【Model: Moore 2 PRO】
【1. Building Size: 255mm*255mm*260mm 】
【2. LDM Exruder】
【3. Materials: Clay,Ceramics slurry, Red Porcelain and various liquid flowing materials】
【4. Feeding mode: Electric push rod + screw extrusion】
【5. Exclusive OSG Dual Core Guide Rail】
【6. 3.5 Inch Touch Sreen】
【7. 32 Bit Silent Mainboard】

Product Details


Print size: 255*255*260mm
Print speed: 10-40mm/s (20mm/s is preferred)
Print thickness: 0.3-3mm (Optional)
Positioning accuracy: X/Y:0.00625mm; Z:0.00125mm
Nozzle size: 1-3 mm (Optional)
Materials support: Clay, Ceramics slurry, Red Porcelain and various liquid flowing materials
Machine weight: 15 kg + 3.5kg
Machine size: 410mm * 414mm * 510mm
Package Size: 740mm * 532mm * 215mm
Barrel Capacity: 500ml

What is the most suitable viscosity for mix mud for Tronxy Moore Clay 3d printer?

Usually our customer mix the mud alreays too dry or too wet. What kind of viscosity for the mud is the most suitable for printing on our clay 3d printer. Pls follow above the first video guide, for Moore 1, Moore 2, Moore 2 pro.

Software And Other Paramenters

Slicing software: Cura
Output format: G-Code
Operation software: Repetier-Host/Cura
Operation system: Windows
Connection: USB cable, TF card
Power input: 100V/220V, 50/60Hz
Power output: 24V/360W
Input format: .stl, .obj
Language: Eight Language

Packing list

  • Gantry
  • Base
  • Screw printer head
  • Feeding System (Trasmmision + M18 extusion screw)
  • Barrel holder & Barrels * 2pcs
  • Fiber Glass Plate
  • Reader with 8G TF card
  • Ceramic Mud 2kg
  • Pipes (Φ10 * 8mm)
  • Pottery clay printer needle (1 box) + Spare pneumatic connector)
  • Tools( Power cable, manual, plastic wrap, etc)