Tronxy Ultrabot 6.08 Inch LCD 3D Printer DIY Kit 130x80x180mm


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TRONXY LCD Ultrabot 6.08 inch SLA 3D Printer 2K Black and White Screen High Quality 3d Drucker Impressora UV with Resin

About this Ultrabot 6.08 Inch LCD 3d printer:

  • The complicated assembly process has been completed before leaving the factory, but the printer needs to be simply assembled to combine the assembled parts.
  • SLA 3D Printer with 6.08 inch screen supports 7.5"(L) x 4.7"(W) x 7.8"(H) (130 × 80 × 180mm) big printing size.
  • LCD 3D Printer come with 6.08" Full color touch screen and user-friendly interface.
  • Delicated 3D printing machine design with Full sheet metal + aluminum. Great budget DLP 3D Printer beginner.
  • Fast slicing - professional slicing software output 100M slicing file in one minute, 30 times faster than open source solution.
  • Product Details

    Realize Bigger Ideas

    130* 80* 180mm printing area to maximize creativity,LCD surface molding technology supports simultaneous printing of multipleprinting models.

    A New Generation Of Matrix Parallel Light Source

    The illumination is more uniform and the detail printing is more excellent, Upgrade to higher light source power to achieve ultra-high-speed printing.

    Black And White Monochromatic Imaging Technology

    The printing speed is increased by 2.5 times, up to 50mm/h, Single-layer fixed-line telephone time can be shortened to 1-2 seconds, and the service life is increased by 4 times.
  • Ordinary RGB Screen: Size: 45x50x80mm; Time: 3h; Completion: 50%
  • Mono2K Screen: Size: 45x50x80mm; Time: 3h48min; Completion: 100%
  • 6.08 Inch Mono 2K Black And White Screen

    2560*1620 (2K) high resolution, high light transmittance, highly restored details. The screen life is up to 2000 hours, which is 4 times longer than that of a color LCD screen.
  • Ordinary RGB Screen: Poor printing accuracy and short service life.
  • Mono2K Black And White Screen: The printed product has high precision and the service life is four times that of the color screen.

  • The service life is about four times longer than the color screen.

    Function Upgrade More Worry-Free Slicing

    The slicing software is powerful, supports 8 times anti-aliasing, and the printed product is smoother. Concise interface design, one-click to add support, making slicing more worry-free.

    Linear slide design High-quality

    Linear slides, high-precision balanced sliding, Improve the stability of the Z axis.

    Air filtration system

    The filter fan has built-in activated carbon to reduce the emission of odors, Effectively reduce the peculiar smell generated during printing.

    Trough cleaning is easier and more convenient

    Special FEP release film, double-layer tightening does not loosen, longer service life, double screw fixed, easy to take and disassemble easy to clean the trough.

    Simple UI interface 3.5-inch touch screen

    Simple UI design, The functional display interface is more obvious

    Integrated all-metal body.

    Sturdy and durable,double door design, opening and closing angle of 210°, the printing operation is unhindered

    Machine Size

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