10pcs SG15 Groove Bearing Double Row Sealed Ball Bearing for Linear Guide Rail


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Used for 3d printer: x5sa.

Smoothly navigate your path to precision with the reliable and durable SG15 Groove Bearing - built for excellence in linear guide rail systems.

Introducing the high-performance SG15 Groove Bearing Double Row Sealed Ball Bearing, specially designed to provide unmatched accuracy and precision for your linear guide rail system. With a double row of steel balls strategically placed in its groove, this bearing ensures optimal load distribution and reduced friction, resulting in smoother and more efficient motion. Its sealed design also keeps out contaminants while keeping lubrication within, prolonging its lifespan even further. And with a pack of 10 bearings included in each order, you'll have everything you need to upgrade your linear guide rail system today!

  • Enhanced Durability: The SG15 Groove Bearing is designed with highquality materials to ensure longlasting performance and durability.
  • Smooth Linear Motion: With double row sealed ball bearings, the SG15 provides a smooth and precise linear motion for your guide rail system.
  • Easy Maintenance: Sealed design of the bearing protects it from dirt or debris accumulation, making maintenance an easy task.
  • CostEffective Solution: With 10 pieces in one pack, this product offers a costeffective solution for those looking to upgrade their linear guide rail system without breaking the bank.
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