Declaration on Pricing Terms

Retailing Price:
The listed retailing price corresponding to the product sku is the authentic sales price of the product, which is the basis for your final decision on whether to purchase the product.

Strikethrough Price:
The listed strikethrough price is only for referance.The price may be the brand counter price, the commodity tag price or the genuine retail price provided by the brand supplier (such as the manufacturer's guide price, suggested retail price, etc.).

Discount/Coupon Code:
Unless additional specification, discount refers to the discount ratio or discount amount calculated by the seller on the basis of the original price,or strikethrough price (such as brand counter price, commodity tag price, manufacturer's guide price, manufacturer's suggested retail price), etc.
You can use the coupon code to get a discount when processing checkout.
If you have any questions regarding discount or coupon code, please contact us for consultation before purchasing.

Promotional Price:
The product promotion information is subject to the information in the "SALE" column. The specific price of the products is subject to the price on the checkout page. If you find that the promotional price of the products or the promotion information is abnormal, please contact us before purchasing.

Membership Fees
There are no fees such as membership fees, whether you want technical support before or after purchase, you will not be charged any additional membership fees.

Special Declaration on Pricing Policy

1. Regional Pricing
We has made regional pricing for the same product in different regions: US / Europe / UK / Australia / Canada / Japan, etc. Thanks for your understanding!

2. Our website launches discount activities from time to time, but there is no lowest-price guarantee and price-difference refund service. We reserve the right to adjust the price of goods.

3. In principle, limits the minimum price of each product, as well as the requirements for promotional prices. Our pricing follows the pricing requirements and also covers the corresponding customer service / warranty terms, etc. We do not do price comparisons with other online stores / platforms. We will not agree to any cross-platform refund request (such as the comparison of Amazon's pricing with our pricing, or the comparison of our prices with offline store prices).