FAQ - About Tronxy 3D Printers

FAQ - Problem of Leveling

How does a 3d printer work?

How to get the source of the file model?

What is the difference between a double nozzle and a single nozzle?

What is open source?

Notes for first use?

How should the 3D printer be maintained when not in use?

FAQ - Debugging Process

Problem of Z aixs lead screw

Machine cannot start ?

Problem on connecting with computer

The contents of the SD card cannot be read?

No connection

Problem on key and LCD

Problem on heat bed

Problem on hot end on hot end

Abnormal noise and vibration of wire feeder motor

Motor out of step?

Abnormal motor noise or vibration?

Problem on motor

The mainboard

Printing Process

Nozzle no silk

If the print head does not produce enough material?

Problem on off-line printing(Print from SD card)

How to solve the unstable extrusion

X,Y and Z axis keep moving but stop feeding filament when printing

Why the filament can't stick on the heat bed

Print model misalignment

Printed model is not dense enough

If the first layer upwarp ?

The model is not easy to take off?

Can't heat it up?

Model dislocation and fault

Lost steps or staggered floor when printing

How to smooth the surface of printed object

The model does not stick to the workbench when printing by FDM 3D printer

What should we do when the printer's edge is curling / warping

What to do if the 3D printer nozzle is blocked?


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