Tronxy D01 3D Printer Enclosure DIY Kit with Titan Extruder FDM 220x220x220mm

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Type: D01 Standard

D01 Standard
D01 Standard
D01 Enclosure

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Fast Assembly 3D Printer with Industrial Linear Guide and Titan Extruder Optional Enclosure acrylic board TRONXY D01 Enclosure

About this enclosured FDM 3d printer:

【CoreXY Structure, high space utilization,high molding accuracy】
【Ultra quiet Mode】
【LED Light Print Head】
【Titan Extruder】
【LMK12LUU Lengthened Flanged Linear Bearings】
【Removable Plate】
【3030R Aluminum Profiles】
【CNC Machining Aluminum Plate】
【Acrylic Mask Optional】

Product Details


Machine size: 380× 400× 405mm (15×15.75×15.95 in)
Printing size: 220 × 220 × 220mm (8.662×8.662×8.662 in)
Machine weight: 15KG (33.07LB)
Molding technology: FDM (Fused Deposition Molding)
System operation: Windows
Printing speed: 20-100mm / s (advs 60mm / s)

TRONXY D01 Titan Extruder FDM 3D Printer

TRONXY D01 Titan Extruder FDM 3D Printer,Removable Glass Panel, MGN12H Linear Guide Rail,COREXY Structure with LED Lamp, Filament Run Out Detection/Power Failure Resume to Print/PLA/ABS/PETG TPU etc.

Machine size: 380 x 400 x 405mm (15 x 15.75 x 15.95in)

Printing size: 220 x 220 x 220mm (8.662 x 8.662 x 8.662in)

The model does not stick to the workbench when printing by FDM 3D printer.

  • The nozzle is too far away from the workbench. Adjust the distance between the workbench and the nozzle so that the distance can just pass a business card.
  • The table temperature is too high or too low. The temperature of ABS printing table should be about 110 ℃, and the temperature of PLA printing table should be stable at about 55 ℃.
  • Printing supplies problem, change supplies supplies supplier supplies to adapt.
  • Printing ABS generally attaches high temperature tape on the workbench, and printing PLA generally attaches textured paper on the workbench to help adhesion.

  • TITAN Extruder
    Stable feeding and support for flexible filament, adding more choices and printing fun.
  • Double Gear Extrusion Mechanism
  • Optimized extrusion torque and path orientation.
  • Compatible with flexible filaments like TPU. (4)Stronger torque
  • Route optimization
  • TPU filament

  • Material break detection
    Reflects sensitively, automatically stops printing after the filament is used up, and can continue printing after replacing the filament

    Resume after power failure
    Automatically save the printing progress after power failure, and continue printing after power on, avoiding repeated printing and wasting time.

    Linear Bearings and Removable Plate
  • LMK12LUU Lengthened Flanged Linear Bearings 12mm iron-plated polish rod.
  • It is easy to remove the model through bending the plate.

  • CNC Machining Aluminum Plate
    High precision cutting, surface anodizing.

    3030R Aluminum Profiles
    Large rounded profile, beautiful and simple, prevent cutting.

    Corexy 3d printer structure
    Use XY motors to work together. Since the timing belt moves on a flat surface, printing is more stable.
  • High molding accuracy. Full belt drive, higher stability.
  • The aircraft is very stable even at high speeds.
  • The motherboard and power supply can be hidden, occupying high space.
  • DIY assembly: You can enjoy the fun of DIY assembly. Users can change the appearance and innovate according to their own ideas to satisfy their unrestricted creativity.
  • Three-dimensional structure design to maximize space. Buyers can upgrade or replace accessories as needed to optimize the appearance of the machine.
  • Square structure: high stability, large size.

  • Switchable LED lights
    Quick installation Switchable LED lights . Observe the entire printing process more intuitively, which is even more cool.

    Quick installation
    DIY simple operation, quick installation.